What you get with the Apple AI: Advantages and Challenge

Apple has been diving deeper into artificial intelligence today. Indeed, the company has just hired Ruslan Salakhutdinov, an associate professor in machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, as director of AI research with a view to smartening up Siri, Apple’s AI-powered assistant. Salakhutdinov has been working on some intense AI research regarding deep learning and neural networks. Currently, he is staying focused on the so called unsupervised learning. Not only that, in an interview with Nikkei, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple is actually getting serious about investments in Siri and AI. Plus, it is very likely that the company will soon establish a research lab in Yokohama, Japan in order to make a visible push in AI.

In the interview, Cook said he sees Apple’s AI “running across all products” and “in ways most people don’t even think about.” He also mentioned some AI’s advantages such as increasing battery life, recommending music to Apple Music subscribers and even remembering where you parked your car.

In fact, Apple’s platforms, including Siri already perform these tasks in their current state. And the best thing is that Siri goes well with Apple’s stance on security and privacy. They won’t need to collect your data for its AI services. They can learn your data locally, combine necessary data from the public cloud, and offer you all the benefits. This is considered a huge advantage if the company can make the most use of it. However, boosting investments in Siri and AI means Apple will play catch-up with two other tech giants, Amazon and Google. This is a real challenge for Apple.

Amazon’s Alexa assistant is integrated into its Echo speaker and a host of devices. Plus, this voice control system appears to be open with developers and has the ability to do cool things such as playing Spotify music, controlling many smart-home devices, and reordering Amazon purchases.

Google has just released Google Assistant software called Google Home, a home-based AI personal assistant. It is capable of interacting with users through voice control and carrying out many useful tasks such as streaming music and letting users know the upcoming appointments.

Apple AI would be a big step for Apple. And entering the field of AI at this time requires its efforts and remarkable improvements to be able to compete with Google and Amazon.

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