Here are the top free iPhone apps that help you study

It is undeniable that thanks to new technology, student life is getting much easier, since there are a host of apps for students that help you study more effectively and especially reduce exam stress. In this post, we have compiled a list of top free iPhone apps that actually help you study. Take a look.

  1. Tinycards

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From the developers of Duolingo, the world’s most downloaded education app, Tinycards is basically a set of flashcards on your phone, and you can use them in order to remember things more effectively and quickly. You can either select from the preset topics or create your own decks. Particularly, you can share decks with friends studying the same subjects if you want.

  1. Evernote


Obviously, you can use the built-in notes app on your phone. But with the help of Evernote, you can do more than that. You can add photos, sound, color labels, even organize Evernote with tags. Noticeably, you can view your notes on any machine, as Evernote is available for a variety of platforms such as Mac, iPad and PC.

  1. Easy Study


If you have been struggling to create a study timetable, plus have no clue where to begin with, then Easy Study comes to the rescue. All you have to do is enter all the subjects you need to study for, how much time you spend on each subject, the hours of study you will be doing each day. Easy Study will help you make a timetable based on these.

  1. GoConqur


GoConqur allows you to create online mindmaps, flashcards and quizzes with ease. You can view them on your PC. The best part about the app is that it enables you to connect with those who are working on the same subjects as you, and share all your content.

  1. Exam Countdown


As the name suggests, the app has the ability to keep track of all your exam dates so that you can see how days or hours let to go. You just need to put in the subject, day and time, add colors and icon and then set.

  1. Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer

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When you are presented with an abundance of textbooks to read for your exams, it’s necessary to read quickly. That’s where Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer comes to the rescue. It actually helps you train your brain to become a super-fast reader.

  1. Focus Keeper

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By using the timer, Focus Keeper is able to divide your study time into smaller chunks of 25 minutes. This will help increase your focus during the revision time.

  1. Study


This app is very to use. You simply put in your headphones, hit play, and Study will offer you a 45 minute soundscape which will block background noise. The soundscape is a mixture of quiet birdsong and ambient music that is effectively in helping you stay relaxed and alert.

  1. Dragon Dictation


Well, this dictation app helps you type up all your study notes if your hands are too tired because of tons of handwriting. All you need to do is speak into your phone and the app will turn your speech into text. Now, just copy and paste the text into any other app.

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