Here’s how you can use Native 3D Touch Actions in iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple has stay focused largely on making the 3D Touch become more useful, and especially second-nature for users. If you are using an iPhone 6s or later, there are a bunch of 3D Touch gestures that you can try out in iOS 10.

In this post, we have rounded up a list of native app icons that have 3D Touch support and plenty of other useful functions. Some of them will become more relevant to you than others; however, it depends on how you use it.

Settings Icon


Some of the most handy 3D Touch functions are buried here. You can bring them up by pressing and holding the Settings app icon, which lets you access the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi screens to fast connect to a wireless device or hotspot.

News and Weather Icons


By long pressing Apple’s News app, you will get a preview of the existing headline. Tapping on the preview helps you head to directly, and shortcuts to the personalized For You section and the custom news sources you have picked.

What is more, the Weather app offers a new preview widget that can be accessed from the home screen, with options to launch the app straight into a certain location forecast.

It’s worth noting that if we launch the News and Weather apps, an “Add Widget” option will appear at the top right of the screen. The option allows you to add them to your Widgets panel. To head to the Widgets panel, simply swipe right on the home screen and the lock screen.

Calendar and Reminder Apps


3D Touch options are available in the Calendar and Reminder app icons and those options let you add events or add reminders to certain lists.

Furthermore, you can get more options by long pressing the calendar notification banner that shows up at the top of your screen. Accordingly, an event can be snoozed, and an invitation can be accepted or declined without entering the full app.

Like the Calendar, you can long press a reminder notification banner in order to choose to be reminded about it later or mark the reminder as completed.

Photos and Camera Icons


The Photos app icon gives you yearly photo collection shortcuts. Particularly, it allows you to see the latest shot taken, your designated favorites. On the flip side, the Camera app offers shortcuts to take a picture, capture videos, and take a selfie with the front-shooter camera.

Mail and Messages Icons


You will be given shortcuts to your inbox, favorites, the search field, and the composition screen by deep pressing on the Mail app icon. And you will be given shortcuts to compose a new message and any recent message threads by deep pressing on the Messages icon.

We are not stopping right there. You can deep press an incoming iMessage notification banner so that you can reply message without entering the app.

Phone, Contacts, and FaceTime


Firmly pressing on the Phone app brings up a pop-up menu that lets you call one of your designated favorites, create a new contact or look for a current one, and of course the most recent call.

Firmly pressing on the Contacts app to bring up the first two shortcuts. The FaceTime app icon also brings you 3D Touch shortcuts to your Favorites.

Safari and Apple Maps Icons


Quick Safari shortcuts let you access a new (private) tab, and go straight to your Reading List or Bookmarks. The Maps icon provides you with a destination preview and the ability to send and mark your location or search nearby.

iCloud and Music


You can view three recently accessed files and a handy search function by deep pressing the iCloud icon. Deep pressing the Music icon offers a search option, gives a shortcut to Beats 1 radio, and a widget with your three recently played albums as well as a shuffle option.

Other Native App Shortcuts

Along with the above-mentioned native apps, there are some other apps such as the Compass, Podcasts, Clock, and Tips. And make sure that you check out which of your third-party app icons have supported 3D Touch.

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