How to take Superior Photos in iPhone

It is undeniable that the iPhone is an awesome device for taking photos. It offers excellent hardware and smart software, and it’s quite easy to use. But in fact, to take superior photos you had better know some tips. And in this post, we will cover tips that surely help you take superior photos in iPhone and become an iPhone camera pro. Read on.

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Keep your photos simple

In fact, many new photographers often try to incorporate an abundance of things into their photos. But, too many details in one shot can create a poorly focused image, plus distract the viewer. So, it’s best to focus on one interesting subject and keep them in right frame. This will help you produce a professional looking photo.


Follow the rule of thirds

Your iPhone does offer a grid option that is responsible for lining up photos so that they follow the rule of thirds. The rules of thirds means you divide the frame into 9 equal segments, where your main photo or focus should be placed at the intersection of the straight lines. You can enable the Grid switch by heading to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid.


Shoot from a low angle

You can get a unique vantage point when shooting from a low angle. Instead of shooting from the chest height of a standing adult, shooting from a low angle adds another focus to the subject, thereby making it more interesting and draws the viewer’s eye.


Use Burst Mode (Available for the iPhone 5s and up)

If you are moving and struggling to shoot a fast-moving object, then you can use Burst Mode to capture a perfect, or a host of perfect photos. To use the feature, you simply open your iPhone’s camera app, point your camera at your subject, tap and hold the shutter button or the volume up button, and Burst Mode will snap multiple photos in quick succession, so you get more options to select from.

Use the Camera shortcut

If you don’t want to miss once in a lifetime shots, you can swipe up from the Camera icon on the lock screen to quickly access the camera. It’s the best way to take a quick shot.


Turn off your flash

Obviously, the flash on a real camera helps to boost light in the photo when you taking it in low light condition, however, the iPhone LED flash appears small and weak and won’t offer you a good photo. Therefore, you are better off shooting in natural lighting sources if possible. Surely, you will be surprised at the results.

Tap to focus

If you are struggling to focus on a subject in your photo, you can tap on the screen to bring up a yellow square that has the ability to identify the area of focus. Plus, you can adjust the brightness by sliding the sun icon upward and downward.


Avoid zoom

You often zoom in on an image to bring it closer, but you will end up with losing the quality of your image. So, it’s recommended to move as close as possible to the subject.

Use the volume button

You should snap your photos with the volume button instead of the digital shutter button. That’s because the iPhone is so thin and using the button in the Camera app can cause camera to shake and blur the photo that you are snapping.

Use HDR when appropriate

You iPhone is packed with a software feature named High Dynamic Range or HDR that helps you take a good photo without distorting the light or the dark area of the picture. This is very useful when you are taking a photo of landscapes, or a photo with various types of light, or are in low-light situations.


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