Check out the best iOS 10 widgets for iPhone/iPad

It is obvious that the lock-screen widgets on iPhone/iPad devices come in handy since they let you send emails, check photos, and perform many other common tasks without unlocking your phone. In iOS 10, Apple has put more emphasis on them. If you swipe to the right on the lock screen, you should notice the newly redesigned widgets page. This also means that you can do more with those handy widgets. And, in this article, we have rounded up the best iOS 10 widgets for your iPhone/iPad that you should use.

1. PCalc


PCalc is packed with an extensive set of unit conversion, an optional RPAN mode, a paper tape, a variety of button layouts, engineering and scientific notation, and especially support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations. Therefore, it is perfect for scientists, students, programmers, or those who are in search of a feature-rich calculator for the iPhone/iPad.

2. Evernote


With Evernote Widget, you can now create notes, to-do lists, reminders, and even take pictures from the Notification Center. Just add Evernote’s quick note bar to the Notification Center and you can perform tasks easily and quickly.

3. Outlook


Using this widget, you can see your remaining events in your calendar for a given day at a glance. The Outlook widget is pretty much like the one in the Sunrise calendar app. You can add a new event to your calendar by tapping the plus-sign button in the upper-right corner of the widget. The widget is really useful for those who want to see their schedules while they are on the go.

4. Citymapper


There are times one widget isn’t enough. Citymapper provides you with three separate widgets based on your needs: a list of departures for nearby bus or train, a list of departures for the saved stops; and a Go widget that allows you to bring up directions to a stored certain location.



This widget is ideal for those who love sports. ESPN help you keep track of your beloved games. Besides, you can share scores with your friends, and even watch game highlights directly from iMessage by tapping the app store logo inside Messages and adding the ESPN app.

6. Weather Underground


Weather Underground widget provides you with two widgets. The first one shows your current temperature with impressive hourly temperature. The second one offers a radar view of your location and local time with a great map.

7. Shazam


iOS users may get familiar with Shazam. Shazam can identify a song for you by humming the melody and it will tell you the name of the song title or artist. With unlimited tagging and an abundance of cool features, the app is able to identify songs quickly and accurately. Particularly, Shazam is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Pandora.

8. Copied


Copied serves as a clipboard manager with an abundance of features consisting of a great widget. This widget lets you access the latest entries in your clipboard. So, from the widget, you are able to view, manage, and copy your clippings.

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