Know the trick to send picture messages from iPhone with less data

There are times you will need to send and get a bunch of picture messages from an iPhone/iPad, but you don’t actually have a decent data plan. In fact, when you attach a picture taken on your iPhone/iPad to an iMessage, it will be delivered in its original size and resolution. So, in this case, you may wish to downscale that picture. Thankfully, Apple allows you to do this by enabling Low Quality Image Mode. In this how to, we would like to show you how to enable Low Quality Image Mode in Messages for iPhone. Have a look.

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Before getting started, note that the Low Quality Image Mode feature is only available in modern versions of iOS, so you need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 or later. Once upgraded, do the following:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Delve into Messages.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Low Quality Image Mode. Simply flick it to the ON position.

Once the feature is turned on, the pictures sent from the Messages app sent will be lower quality. In particular, you will also be using much less data.

Low Quality Image Mode is capable of downscaling the pictures to around 100KB each. This is much smaller than a 5MB iPhone camera picture or a sizable animated GIF sent via the Messages app. So, you can send 30 to 50 pictures at a time in low quality mode.

Enabling Low Quality Image Mode can be helpful for those who wish to minimize overage, or send pictures with low cellular signal. If you find that the picture quality is just too low, you can disable it by flicking the switch for Low Quality Image Mode to the OFF position so that you can send the pictures with its original size and resolution.

That’s all. Do you have any questions or concerns about enabling Low Quality Image Mode? Put them in the comments section below and we’ll help you out with any problem you may have.

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