How to add a website to the home screen of your iPhone

We all have favorite websites that we visit frequently. Normally, you would bookmark these sites you that you can have instant access to them without entering the web address every time. But, a frequently used website is saved as a bookmark, you have to take some lengthy steps to access it. You will need to launch Safari, choose the Bookmarks menu, find the bookmark in the list, and then tap on the bookmark for the website to load.

You can consider another handy method, which is pinning your favorite websites to your home screen. This way, you can quickly and easily access them by tapping on their Home screen icon. Here’s how to do it.

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Step 1: Launch the Safari app on your iPhone, and then head over to the website you want added.

Step 2: Once the page is done loading, tap on the Share icon the bottom center of your iPhone’s screen. The icon looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of it.

Step 3: You should see the Share menu with some options for how you want to share the website. Just tap on Add to Home Screen.

Step 4: You are now prompted to name the Home screen icon. You can either pick the default name provided or enter your preferred name.

Step 5: Once done, tap on Add in the upper-right corner to create the Home screen icon.

The icon can be dragged and placed anywhere like any other app icon. Hold down the icon until it begins wiggling, and then drag it to wherever you want.

That’s all about how to add a website to the home-screen of your iPhone. Obviously, your iPhone’s Home screen isn’t just for apps, right?

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