Get Apple Pencil at $15 less price tag via Amazon Prime

The good news for fans of the Apple Pencil: Right now, you will be able to save $15 (original price $99) on the stylus if you are a member of Amazon’s Top carrier. This can be seen as a quite uncommon discount on the wonderfully helpful iPad Pro accessory that offers you more than just a stylus with which to navigate the user interface. If you aren’t already an Amazon Prime member, you can try the service out for 30 days to get the bulk of this relatively rare discount.

The Apple Pencil plays a crucial role in making the 9.7 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro really pro. It allows you to do many cool things in apps such as Notes, Mail, Procreate, and even Microsoft Office, with full pressure sensitivity and tilt control. The rechargeable device for the iPad Pro is almost completely white, with a sleek metal band at the non-writing end. It feels great in the hand, with a nice weight to it, which makes you feel like you are gripping a real pencil. Since the Pencil is not held too close to the writing tip, users may find it a touch unbalanced.

The stylus uses Bluetooth technology, so it also requires a battery. You can charge it using the Lightning connector hidden under a cap. You just need to plug the connector to the iPad Pro to charge it. The cool thing is that thanks to the ultra-fast recharging feature, it takes only 6 minutes to get the Apple Pencil fully charged. And if it has been already charged fully, the battery will be able to last for 12 hours.

Along with supporting the built-in apps in the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil can also work with third-party apps downloaded from the App Store. And the iPad app developers, of course, have to ensure that such apps can be operated with the stylus. At present, Apple’s stylus can only work with the iPad Pro. Hopefully, Apple will expand its compatibility.

Are you interested in buying the Apple Pencil? Just get your hands on it at $15 less price tag via Amazon Prime.

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