Know the tips to stream music at the highest quality by using cellular data on iPhone

Obviously, music plays an important role in your life. It definitely helps you relax and reduce stress. Therefore, music lovers always keep their audio players by their side anywhere, anytime.

Those who are using iPhone would probably know that Apple offers the highest quality music through its Apple Music app. However, you can play the music on Wi-Fi internet. If you would like to use the app without internet, you will have to download songs on the app using a strong Wi-Fi internet connection so that you can make them available offline.

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But, how can you get such great music when on the go? In this case, you may want to stream music at the highest quality using cellular data. And thankfully, Apple provides the option to do so. But note that, once you enable this feature, it will drain your mobile data. Now, take a look at how to enable highest quality music streaming over cellular on iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Head to Music.

Step 3: Now, flick the High Quality Streaming ON. Note that you will need to flick the Use Cellular Data ON if you haven’t already enabled it.

Modern versions of iOS will display High Quality Streaming, instead of High Quality on Cellular (on the older versions).

Step 4: Get back to the Music app and start streaming a station or song as usual. The highest quality audio should then play.

That’s it. You are all done streaming music at the highest quality by using cellular data on iPhone. This feature best fits iPhone users with unlimited data plans, or those who don’t worry about it draining their mobile data.

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