Tips and tricks to further improve battery life on your iPhone 7/7 Plus

Today, the iPhone 7/7 Plus or other smartphones do integrate a handful of features, which in turn drains your battery life much quicker than expected.

But it’s worth noting that Apple’s latest iPhones have excellent battery life partly thanks to the ultra-snappy and efficient quad-core A10 Fusion chip, and especially the larger batteries inside these smartphones.

Indeed, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus gets 40 and 60 hours of wireless audio playback respectively. Not stopping there, iPhone 7 gets 14 hours of 3G talk time, while iPhone 7 Plus gets up to 21 hours. That’s just fine and appealing.

However, there’s much you can do to significantly improve battery life on your iPhone 7/7 Plus. And in this post, we have rounded up a few tips and tricks to improve battery life on those devices.

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  1. Disable Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is a useful feature on iOS 10. It automatically turns the screen on when you lift your device up. However, your phone now lights up more often, which might cause your battery to drain faster.

To disable this feature, you head to Settings > Display & Brightness, and then toggle Raise to Wake OFF.

  1. Disable Background app refresh for unimportant apps

This feature enables apps running in the background to check for updates. However, you will not need this feature for some unimportant apps. If you install tons of apps, then there will be more apps that try to refresh in the background and use your resources while in a suspended state, which will create deterioration of battery life.

So, it’s best to enable and disable which apps are allowed to refresh in the background. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

  1. Disable connectivity features you don’t use

There are an abundance of useful connectivity features on iPhone, and they can also shorten your battery life. So, it’s recommended to disable them when you are not using them.

  1. Be sure to enable that Low Power Mode

Arriving with iOS 9, this feature is responsible for disabling background app refresh, reducing the brightness output, stopping email fetching for the built-in app, automatic app updates, and specific visual effects. Plus, this comes in handy when your iPhone is going to run out but you still want to use it. You can enable it by going to Settings > Battery, and then toggle Low Power Mode OFF.

  1. Manage your location settings

It’s undeniable that location services are great to determine your approximate location, but if you have ton of apps that always use your location services, then this leads to unnecessary battery drain. It’s advisable to manage location settings by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then scroll down the list of apps and check which ones are not allowed to access your location while you are using them.

  1. Reducing motion could be beneficial

iOS 10’s animations and parallax effects can make your device more vivid and pleasing to the eye, however, they also result in unnecessary battery drain. To turn off them, you go to Settings > Accessibility, then toggle Reduce Motion OFF.

  1. Disable proactive Siri suggestions

If you find that Siri is not useful to you, you should disable proactive Siri suggestions that appear every time you launch Spotlight search. You can do this by going to Settings > General, and then toggle Spotlight Search OFF.

That’s all about tips and tricks to further improve battery life on your iPhone 7/7 Plus. Got any questions? Sound off in the comments section below.

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