Bluetooth 5 finally launches with 4x range and 2x speed

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group today officially released the Bluetooth 5, the latest version of the popular wireless specification. With 4x the range, 2x the speed, 8x the broadcast-message capacity, and other improvements, the Bluetooth 5 is expected to boost the ecosystem of connected device in the world.

The latest version also comes with updates that have the ability to reduce interference with other wireless technologies which will significantly improve connectivity. Along with these updates, the Bluetooth 5 should remain really low power like the current Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. This means that users can get a streamlined experience without worrying about battery usage. Plus, the 4x range enables users to use Bluetooth-enabled devices anywhere without having to worry about bringing along their phone at all times. Speak of big improvement in speed, the basic data rate, enhanced data rate and throughput speed all supported by the Bluetooth 5 are 721.2 kb/s, 2.1 Mb/s, and 54 Mb/s with the 802.11 AMP respectively. With amazing spec, the new standard will serve as a good option for many hardware makers and be able to compete with things like Wi-Fi Direct.

Products integrating the Bluetooth 5 will be available within two to six months, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group said. Well, manufacturers do need time to actually start using it. So, we may see a bunch of new products integrating the protocol at CES 2017.

Due to the fact that Bluetooth has been playing a crucial role in our computer hardware these days, big enhancements to the technology directly affect products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and of course, wireless headphones.

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