Check out steps to view a saved iPhone Wi-Fi password on Mac without jailbreaking

There are times you will need to find out the password for a Wi-Fi network that we connected to in the past, or that we are currently accessing. Unfortunately, recalling the password has never been an easy task at all. But there’s a solution to this. Keep reading this guide to know how to view a saved iPhone Wi-Fi password on Mac without the need to jailbreak your phone.

Before getting started, you are required to sync your iPhone passwords with your Mac. Here’s how:

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Settings app, and then navigate to iCloud > Keychain.

Step 2: Make sure that you have iCloud Keychain enabled.

Step 3: Return to the main Settings page, head to Personal Hotspot, and enable it.

Step 4: Once you are done, connect your Mac to the internet using this hotspot.

Step 5: Your iPhone passwords should begin syncing with your Mac’s Keychain.

Steps to view a saved iPhone Wi-Fi password on Mac

Step 1: Open Keychain Access on your Mac. To do this, you can:

  • Open Spotlight, and enter Keychain Access.
  • Navigate to Launchpad, head to the Other folder, and you can find Keychain Access.

Step 2: Search for the Wi-Fi network you wish to know the password.

Step 3: Double-click on the name of the network to bring up a pop-up window that gives you some details about the selected Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Check the box for Show Password.

Step 5: You are now prompted to login with your account credentials. Just enter your administrator’s name and password, and then hit the Allow button.

Step 6: Once done, you should see all the password revealed in the previous window.

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That’s it! You are all done. Did the method work for you? Share with us in the comments section below.

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