Camera+ 9 starts receiving a new update; brings awesome features

Camera+, the feature-rich iPhone camera app, starts receiving a big update with version 9. Camera+ 9 now gives you the ability to shoot and edit RAW images, adds support for iPhone 7 Plus dual lens, and also adds haptic feedback.

Owners of the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus with the latest software will now be able to get the bulk of RAW shooting located in the Quality & Format menu in Camera+ 9. Shooting in RAW helps you remain original detail of a photo, thereby delivering you maximum photo quality. So, it’s worth noting that RAW photos may take up more space on your phone than a regular JPEG or TIFF.

After capturing your RAW photos, you can easily edit them in the Camera+ 9 app using the app’s suite of editing tools. With these tools from the RAW Lab, you can re-develop your photos.

With dual lens support, you can now choose to the shooting mode with the wide angle (28-millimeter) or telephoto (56mm) lens. This way, you can choose precisely which lens you would like to shoot with at any given moment. It’s a good idea to let the app set to Duo mode so that you won’t be disturbed and asked which lens to choose whenever you would like to shoot.

One other new feature added to Camera+ 9 is haptic feedback on the iPhone 7/7Plus. Considered one of the most underderrated features in the iPhone 7/7Plus, haptic feedback brings new life to the shooting experience in Camera+. You may miss it if you are using a device without this cool feature.

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Camera+ 9 is now available via the App Store for $2.99.

Did you download Camera+ 9 and enjoy its new cool features? What are your favorite features? We invite your feedback in the comments section below.

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