Here’s how you can delete your Super Mario Run game data without deleting the app

Are you indulging yourself in the new Super Mario Run game? Have you ever wanted to delete all your in-game progress data and start all over again without the need to delete the game from your device and re-download it? Well, just keep reading to learn how to do it with the game’s built-in progress deletion feature.

Before diving in, you need to know that all the coins, course records, and purchased content will be deleted when you delete your Super Mario Run progress data.

Plus, performing this task will disassociate all of your game data from your Nintendo account, so you cannot reverse this action. But you can continue using your Nintendo Account.

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Now, check out step to delete your Super Mario Run game data.

Step 1: Open the Super Mario Run game on your iPhone.

Step 2: You are now prompted to touch the screen to start the game.

Step 3: In the main page, tap the Menu button to bring up the Settings section.

Step 4: Once you are here, tap About This App.

Step 5: Tap Delete User Data.

Step 6: Tap OK.

Step 7: Read the warning, and then tap Delete to confirm the deletion.

Your app should be reset back to how it was when you first downloaded it.

It’s worth noting that you can still restore your in-app purchase if you have already bought it before, so you won’t have to re-purchase it again in the future.

That’s it! Got any questions about how to delete your Super Mario Run game data? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to help you out with the problem you may have.

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