Know the trick to remove multiple contacts from iPhone

By default, your iPhone will only allow you to delete contacts on an individual basis, which can be a daunting task for those who have tons of contacts to delete. In fact, many users use the iCloud method to do this task, however, a number of users don’t have their iPhone contacts synced with iCloud. Thankfully, there’s an App Store app, called Groups that help you easily remove multiple contacts from your iPhone. Now, take a look at how to delete multiple contacts from iPhone using the third party app.

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Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPhone, download and install the Groups app.

Step 2: Once you are done installing the app, open it, and then grant it access to your contacts when prompted.

Step 3: Now, you should see all contacts in the Groups app. Just go through them, and mark the ones that you wish to delete by tapping on the circle outline beside their name.

Step 4: Tap on Choose Action at the top, and then choose Delete Contacts… from the pop-up menu.

Step 5: There is an alert dialog requiring to confirm. Just tap on Remove from my iPhone!

That’s it! All of your selected contacts should now be removed from your iPhone. Just return to the built-in Phone or Contacts app and check whether the selected contacts remain there or not.

Despite the fact that Groups isn’t the most attractive app available, it works well enough to delete multiple contacts from your iPhone in case you don’t want to use the iCloud method.

Did you use the Groups app to delete multiple contacts off your phone? How did it work for you? Also, if you have another effective method, drop us a line in the comments section below.

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