The wearable portable Bluetooth Speaker WRiSTBOOM

If you are looking for a wearable portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your music, you should consider the WRiSTBOOM Wearable Wireless Speaker from BiGR AUDIO. The WRiSTBOOM is typically worn on the wrist (like a watch) and can also be strapped to many things.

This wearable wireless speaker is surprisingly lightweight with hands-free phone function for phone calls. So, it is perfect for outdoor sports and anywhere you want to enjoy your favorite tunes without wearing headphones or earbuds. Plus, it does come in handy when you have to work out, as long as your others don’t mind. The speaker is loud enough to fill a quite large space. You can find it even louder as you are wearing it so you feel the bass and vibrations. Not stopping there, there was no distortion at maximum volume. It works like a charm like any Bluetooth device, so you don’t have to worry about the connection.

The WRiSTBOOM features a built-in microphone that can work as a speaker phone for your voice calls. However, it has a fairly short range, so you are better off holding it up close to your face. Note that it requires a properitary charging cable, which they can replace for $10. The speaker also features a high quality battery that can last 4-6 hours while playing music.

It’s good to know that the WRiSTBOOM doesn’t contain any music controls, so you will need to do everything from your phone.

The $39.99 WRiSTBOOM comes in a nondescript plastic shell, and is available in assorted color choices (black, blue, grey, green and red). If you opt for a water-resistant, you have to be charged an addition $20.

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Did you buy the WRiSTBOOM? How have you experienced the device so far? Share with us in the comments section below.

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