Check out these best VR apps for your iPhone

There is a bunch of VR apps in the App Store, which can be overwhelming for iPhone users. So, it’s quite difficult for them to look for the best Cardboard apps that complete your VR experience. Don’t stress out yet. In this post, we have compiled a list of the five best apps to do with a Google Cardboard headset and an iPhone. Let’s dig in.

Cardboard Camera

With the help of Cardboard Camera, your iPhone will become a virtual reality camera. It has the ability to capture photos in an almost panorama-style fashion with sound from the world around you. When you play the photo back, you will be able to hear everything going on around you. It’s pretty simple to take a VR photo with Cardboard Camera. You just need to hold your phone vertically, tap capture button, and then move your phone around you like you take a panorama.

You can also share Cardboard Camera photos with other VR users.

Try it here.

Jaunt VR

With the Jaunt app, your iPhone will become your personal VR portal. The app offers you a massive collection of 360-degree and virtual reality videos which are available for free. The cool thing is that you can toggle to Mono Mode to experience 360-degree content without a headset for VR. If you have one, simply select Stereo Mode and then enjoy the full VR experience. The app’s library of content is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back often.

Try it here.

VR Crossy

VR Crossy for Google Cardboard is the VR version of the classic Crossy game that can be played in first person 3D. The app promises to give you a feeling like you are in real life. Plus, it is really low in size and has an attractive user interface. It’s really interesting to drive the car and then compare your high score with your friends. Remember not to get hit by cars, trains, trucks or taxis.

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The vTime app is first sociable network in virtual reality in the world. The app allows you to join a room of up to four people in different virtual environments where you can socialize and chat with family and friends, and even share your vTime experiences.

Try it here.

Jurassic Virtual Reality

Wanna meet Dinosaurs in real life? Well, you should have the Jurassic Virtual Reality app on your iPhone. Once you have fired up the app, you will get the chance to experience the ultimate dino ride, and learn more about the history of VR dinosaurs in an amazing 3D environment.

Try it here.

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What are your favorite VR apps? Have you experienced them so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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