Facebook to launch Video-focused App for Apple TV

Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships Dan Rose just announced that Facebook is launching a new app for set-top boxes, consisting of Apple TV, Amazon, Fire TV and the Samsung Smart TV in the near future.

The video-focused app for TV boxes will be aimed at letting users watch the same kinds of video available on Facebook’s app and website; however, they will be viewable on a much larger screen of a TV set. It’s good to know that since the app will be focused on video content, you won’t be scrolling through your feed on the big screen. Instead, you will watch the videos shared by your friends, along with Facebook Live content and more. Dan Rose adds many people don’t have time to watch lengthy videos throughout the day, so they will save them for later. And now with the app, they can go on their TV to watch those videos at night. The new set-top box app will recommend videos for users, or allow them to watch videos saved on other devices earlier. A Facebook account will be required to use the app.

The video-focused app for TV boxes will definitely offer the social network another way to reach customers interested in videos, and probably another platform to sell video ads.

During the Code Media conference, Facebook also announced a few other updates. Autoplay videos in News Feed will not play with sound in case your phone is on silent, a picture-in-picture feature will give you the ability to watch videos while you can still continue to scroll through News Feed, and vertical video viewing is rolling out to all iOS and Android users.

Facebook will launch the video-focused app for TV boxes soon and it will be free.

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