The Best Apple Watch Games that make your Day

Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great device for a lot of things, notably fitness and music. Have you ever thought of playing some time-killing games on your wrist?


Thanks to an abundance of sensors, touch screen and flick-of-the-wrist accessibility, the Apple Watch does make for an interesting platform that promises to offer you exciting gaming experience. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 5 best Apple Watch games that make your day. Take a look.

Pokémon Go! (Free)

Niantic does release the Apple Watch version of Pokémon Go. Despite the fact that it’s not totally standalone, but the Watch version allows you to hatch eggs, find wild monsters, spin PokéStops for items, and more without the need to use your phone. The cool thing is that it will count the distance travelled towards your egg hatching, while still letting gameplay count towards you everyday activity goal.

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Trivia Crack (Free)

In the Trivia Crack game, you will play random people in the world to collect all the game characters, each denoting a different category. You will have to answer questions across those categories, such as history, geography, entertainment and science. You will win if you are the first to collect all the game characters. You can also challenge your friends and enemies.

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Field Day (Free)

If you are a fan of Farmville or Stardew Valley, you may want to try out Field Day that allows you to control your small farm localized on your wrist. In the game, you will plant veggies and sell them, while unlocking new crops and livestock, completing orders and expanding your farm. The cool thing is that you can use Digital Crown to scroll and access Orders.

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Rules! ($2.99)

Rules is a cute puzzle game. To start playing, you will need to tap the unicorn tile. The next round will add a rule that you will need to follow, and it should say Follow rule 1, you will need to tap the unicorns again. As you progress, more rules are added.

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Letter Zap ($2.99)

Letter Zap is a word game. In the game, you are tasked with using the given letters and then forming as many words as possible in just 30 seconds. You can jump into Zen Mode, where you can make unlimited words without time limit. You can also try Play Heartbeat mode, where you will need to find words while controlling your own heart rate.

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What are your favorite Apple Watch games? How have you experienced them so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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