Check out steps to enable iTunes Parental Restrictions on your iPhone


When your kids use iTunes on iPhone, you may not want them to have access to inappropriate adult content. So, the best way is to restrict access to all this content. Thankfully, you can easily do this by enabling parental restrictions right in the iTunes Store on iOS. Wanna know how it’s done? Let’s walk along with me.

Steps to enable iTunes Parental Restrictions on your iPhone

Step 1: First off, you are supposed to open the General settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Once you are in, tap Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

Step 3: You are prompted to set up a 4-digit access code in order to turn on the Restrictions.

Step 4: In the Restrictions settings, you can:

Completely cut off access to the iTunes Store, Apple Music Connect, and Podcasts.

Disable installing, deleting, and making in-app purchases.

Scroll down to the Allowed Content section, and you will see seven types of content by which you can restrict to content.

  • Ratings For: You can select the ratings system for the country they live in.
  • Music, Podcasts & News: You can filter out explicit content.
  • Movies: You can select the highest ratings system you will allow, allow or disallow all movies.
  • TV Shows: You can select highest rating you wish to allow according to the region in which you live, allow or disallow all TV shows. Note that a few countries may not have a ratings system at all, so you can only allow or disallow TV shows.
  • Apps: You can restrict access to the highest age rating you wish to allow, allow or disallow all apps.
  • Siri: You can allow or disallow explicit language and searching for web content.
  • Websites: You can filter websites by adult content, to specific websites only or not at all.

Step 5: Once you are finished setting up Restrictions, just exit out of the settings and they should be saved.

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That’s all there is to it. Got any questions about enabling iTunes Parental Restrictions on your iPhone? Sound off in the comments section below.

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