Easy steps to delete your search and destination history in Maps on iPhone and iPad

To help you easily find the places you had searched for and quickly get directions to them again, the Apple Maps app automatically stores your search and destination history. But in fact, when you go on vacation or recently moved, it’s a good idea to delete your past search and destination history in Maps. In this post, we will walk you through the steps to do that.

Before diving in, it’s worth noting that since iOS 10 stores fewer recent destinations than in previous operating systems, the Clear All button has been removed. So, you can delete recent locations individually.

Steps to delete your search and destination history in Maps

Step 1: First off, you are supposed to launch the Maps app.

Step 2: Open the Recents menu by swiping up.

Step 3: Open the More menu by swiping left on a set of directions or place.

Step 4: In the end, you simply tap Remove.

That’s it. Keep in mind that your search history is gone forever after you remove it.

Just in case, you want to store old directions but don’t want them to appear in the Maps app, you can share them to a Secured Notes file. Here’s how:

Step 1: First and foremost, you will need to set up Notes with a secure password.

Step 2: Next, go to the Maps app.

Step 3: Once you are in, swipe up to bring up the Recents menu and then swipe left on a set of directions to reveal the More menu. You can also tap a location to type in its information card.

Step 4: Tap the Share button, and then tap Add to Notes.

Step 5: You need to create a new note, and tap Save.

Step 6: Launch the Notes app, and choose the note containing your address.

Step 7: Tap the Share button > Lock Note.

Step 8: You are now prompted to enter your password.

Step 9: Finally, tap the Lock button in order to lock the note.

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You are all done. Got any questions about how to delete your search and destination history in Maps on iPhone and iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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