iPhoneIMEI.net iCloud removal and my SAD Story

iOS includes very handy feature called Activation Lock that is specifically designed to remotely lock your iPhone if in case it is lost or stolen. However, have you ever wondered what happens when you forget your iCloud password? Your iPhone will be stuck at the iCloud activation screen, thereby rendering your device useless.

If you are planning to sell your iPhone to get some cash, please don’t because you still can save the day. There are tons of services out there that can remove the iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad, but not all of them are trusted and you will end up losing your money. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you my story.

Part 1: I almost lost my money

Last year, I bought a used iPhone 6s at an affordable cost from a guy on EBay. iPhone 6s was always my dream at that time and I finally had my dream come true. Nothing could describe how excited I was when I first laid my hand on my iPhone 6s. However, when I tried to set up my new iPhone, it kept on asking for the iCloud login details of the previous owner. I had no idea what they were and I could not contact the seller to get iCloud details. As a result, my shiny iPhone 6s got stuck at iCloud activation screen, making it an unusable brick.

iPhone 6S iCloud Locked
iPhone 6S iCloud Locked

I did a little bit of research and I found some discussions in some forums that could help. However, what I got back then was just a joke. I realized that they might use some kind of virus software or backdoor to bypass iCloud activation lock. I tried to follow but nothing happened, then I had to immediately download an Antivirus Software and I found some viruses or trojans or…whatever

Part 2: Why iphoneimei.net is the best iCloud removal service

I was thinking about selling my iPhone at a cheap price to get some money back, but I did not give up on my faith. I asked one of my best friends for help and he sent me a link that led to a webpage called iPhoneIMEI.net. I did a bit of research and iphoneimei topped the list on Google. Honestly, I was skeptical in the beginning, thinking that I could lose my money again. I read a lot of reviews from its Feedback section on the right hand side. I also skimmed over reviews from Trustpilot and TrustReviews. I realized that I’d finally come to the right place.

I quickly placed my order and they contacted me immediately. The process was so simple and all I needed to do is to provide my IMEI number that can be found on the back of any iPhone 6s and spend 56 bucks. The process was pretty fast, as it lasted 24 hours. After that, I could my iPhone 6s and associate it with my own iCloud account.

iPhoneimei.net is fast and cheap. They use only your IMEI number to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone / iPad with no additional software required. I highly recommend you explore their website and follow their instructions to get the job done.

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