Tips to crop Pics on iPhone without using any third party app

Well, in fact, many of us don’t frame every photo on iPhone/iPad perfectly when we shoot it. In this case, you may want to buy a third party app to edit them. But if all you need to do is to just perform minimal edits such as rotating or cropping a picture, you can use the Photos app. Apple does add editing tools to the app that allow you to straighten, rotate, crop and even get your photos set to the right aspect ratios. This tutorial will show you how to crop pictures on iPhone using the Photos app.

Before you start, it’s worth noting that cropping a photo allows you to crop a photo into a frame size according to your preference, which is not the same as resizing a photo.

Steps to crop pictures on iPhone using the Photos app

Step 1: First off, you are supposed to fire up the Photos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, find and tap the picture you would like to crop.

Step 3: If your iPhone is running on iOS 10 or later, tap the hamburger menu along the bottom of your screen. If your iPhone is running on iOS 9, tap Edit in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 4: Tap the crop button that looks like a frame with two arrows in the bottom menu.

Step 5: Once you are here, you can tap and drag the corners of the photo until you are happy with the crop.

Step 6: Once you are finished, tap Done in the lower right corner of your screen.

If you don’t like the cropping you just made, just tap Reset below the photo to undo the changes.

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That’s all there is to it. Got any questions about how to crop pictures on iPhone using the Photos app? Put them in the comments section below, and we will be happy to help you out with the problem you may have.

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