Apple Commits To Use 100% Renewable Or Recycled Materials

In a 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple claims to set up a “closed-loop supply chain” and discontinue mining the earth. Also, the firm pledges to use 100 percent renewable or recycled materials such as aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten to make its products. However, seemingly the company has not yet to identify an official route to do it when the Cupertino firm expresses its desire to produce new items with just recycled materials. In fact, the climate change is worsening and Earth’s natural resources are running out, which prompts Apple to answer the question “what we can do about them in every part of our business.”

Currently, Apple intends to combine the recycled metals from suppliers with the recycled material from returned Apple products to make new changes because its best-selling item-iPhone just takes up a very small amount of recycled material. Until now Apple’s recycling robot Liam has been extracting to reuse renewable materials such as gold and copper from the camera, silver and platinum from the logic board or cobalt and lithium from the battery. In the meanwhile, the majority of its facilities are using renewable energy.

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The firm’s upcoming massive new headquarters known as Apple Park will totally run on this type of energy. Specifically, its electricity production will stem from solar, hydro and wind energy sources.

Being the Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social initiatives, Lisa Jackson revealed in an interview that indeed they were doing something they rarely do, which was announcing a goal prior to they completely found out how to make it come true. Hence, they worry a little bit; however, they always considered it as an important goal, because they believed it as a sector.

In 2014 Apple pledged to use only renewable energy for running all of its facilities. Compared to 93% of last year, its achievement this year rises up to 96%. More interestingly, over 90 percent of Apple product packaging is made of sources from sustainable forests. The company is guarding and planting enough  forests in China and the United States to fulfill the demand of Apple’s product packaging.

The seven biggest Apple suppliers have committed to run their own facilities with renewable energy by the end of 2018. The Cupertino company has assured to support its suppliers in bringing 4 gigawatts of renewable power online from now to 2010.

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