How to Forward Text Message or iMessage to Email from iPhone/ iPad

Have you ever thought that you can forward your text message or even iMessages to the others without having to copy and paste it in another textbox or simply reply to the whole text message? The answer is definitely Yes, and you can do it with just a few taps. Here’s how you can forward text messages and iMessage on your iPhone/iPad.

Steps to forward Text Messages or iMessages on iPhone/ iPad

  1. First, go to “Messages” and open the conversation you want to forward, double-tap on the selected text message.
  2. A small pop-up will now appear, and you’ll words like “More” and “Copy”. Another way to make pop-up display is pressing message, holding it for a while, and tap on “More.”
  3. Each text bubble will have an empty circle, and the blue tick in the circle will display in the message you tap on.
  4. Next, at the screen’s lower right corner, tap on the forward arrow. A new window of conversation will display with the forwarded message.
  5. All you need to do is selecting the email address or the number and name of the contact to forward.
  6. Once the receiver is chosen, tap on “Send”, and the process will start.

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However, one thing you should note that the email must be registered on iMessage so that you can receive the forwarded message. If you forward it to a phone number, the message you then receive will be an iMessage or a regular text message.

Forward Whole Conversations

If you feel one text isn’t enough; you can send the entire conversation to someone. To forward multiple messages, you need to repeat the first step. However, instead of selecting one message, you should tap on the empty circles next to the messages you want to forward. It will now choose the multiple messages, after you tap on the arrow icon in the lower right corner.

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