How To Protect Privacy On iPhone iOS 10 (P1)

Nowadays, smartphones make our lives easier without needing to open computers as before to check and send emails, or browsing web. Sending messages, photos, video, and even sending money can now be done just in seconds. However, smartphone is becoming one of the most insecure devices. Blackberry and Apple are two of the best companies in privacy and security. But after the San Bernardino case, many users doubted the security of their iPhone. So in this post, we’ll share you tips how to protect privacy on iPhone iOS 10.

  1. Use Passcode Instead Of Touch ID

Apple provides for iPhone users 3 passcode options to set up: Custom Alphanumeric, Custom Numeric, and 4-Digit Numeric Code. We recommend you to choose the Custom Alphanumeric option as it allows you to create the stronger passcode by using the letters, numbers, and symbols.

We also advise you not to use Touch ID, though it helps you to unlock our iPhone faster. But, in some certain cases, it might not be a good idea. You can protect your privacy by disabling the Touch ID feature, just go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> turn it off.

  1. Delete Widgets

Widget on in iOS 10is now more accessible as by swiping unlock screen to right you can see the widgets. A widget can display a brief of information from your certain apps, such as reminder, your schedule, and upcoming events, etc. This is not good in some cases as some bad guys can misuse your private info from widgets to easily access from the unlocked screen of your iPhone.

So, it’s better not to show the widgets containing your personal data. To edit it, swipe your iPhone screen to the right and then scroll up the widgets screen, tap Edit.

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  1. Turn Off Home Screen Features

iOS 10 allows you to reply messages right away on the locked screen. And if you scroll down from the same screen, there will be certain features like Today view, Wallet, or access Siri. Someone takes advantage of it for bad things.

So you’d better disable Home screen features to protect your privacy by going to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode. Here, under “ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCK” section, you toggle all of the features off.

  1. Turn Off Frequent Locations

Frequent Locations is a feature in the Maps app that will track the locations you often go often when your iPhone has the Internet connection. You should also turn it off by heading to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> scroll down until you see System Services >> and disable Frequent Locations feature.

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