How To Protect Privacy On iPhone iOS 10 (P2)

Yesterday, we already show you some tips to protect the privacy on your iPhone running iOS 10. Today, in this post, we continue to share you other ways to help you protect your privacy better. Let’s see!

  1. Enable Find My IPhone

Find My iPhone feature will be useful in case you lose your iPhone, or you forget where you put it the last time. Once the feature is activated, you will be able to track it via your iCloud and even lock it remotely to prevent someone from stealing your personal data on your iPhone. Go to Settings >> iCloud >> Find My iPhone and enable it.

  1. Turn off Automatic Sync To iCloud For Certain Apps

When you turn on the ‘Automatic Sync To iCloud’ feature,  your iPhone will sync and then store all the data on iCloud. Even though you have deleted it from your iPhone, the data is still saved on iCloud. This is not good if you have more than one Apple devices using the same iCloud. Someone can access to it and steal your data if you lose one of them, such as Contact, important messages, payment info etc. So you should turn off the automatic sync feature for certain apps. To do this, navigate to Settings >> iCloud >> Storage >> Manage Storage and disable certain apps storing sensitive data.

  1. Beware Of Malicious Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is not difficult to find nowadays and it appears almost every place you go, such as in the office, cafe, station, etc. However, some of WiFi networks may not be real, so when you are in public area and find a free Wi-Fi connection, you should be careful. Your iPhone will connect automatically with the Wi-Fi that someone created to steal your important data from your iPhone. To prevent this, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi and turn on the “Ask To Join” option. From now, your iPhone won’t sync to any Wi-Fi without your permission.

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  1. Use iMessage Instead

iMessage is a monopoly platform on iOS device and MacOS. This platform is integrated in Message app by default with the encryption technology support, in which the messages can only be read by the sender and recipient. So using iMessage for texting is also a good way to protect your privacy on iPhone.

Above are a few popular ways to protect the privacy on your iPhone better. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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