How to Remove Split Screen in Landscape Mode on iPhone Plus

Landscape mode on Plus models, such as the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, is different thing over the landscape mode on the smaller iPhone screen. The larger screen on the Plus models allows them to present more information in split screen mode. When you use your Plus horizontally, your device will be in Landscape mode. Some of you like using the Landscape mode when using Mail apps, but many of you would rather turn this feature off entirely. So in this post, we’ll show you how to turn off auto rotate on your iPhone Plus if the Landscape mode is not your style. Moreover, we’ll also instruct removing split screen from Landscape mode and enjoying the extra horizontal screen space.

How to Turn off Landscape Mode on iPhone Plus Models

To stop Home screen rotation on your iPhone Plus, you need to turn on the Portrait orientation lock. To do that

  • First, swipe up from bottom of your screen to open Control Center
  • Then, tap the Portrait lock icon at the top right corner.
  • Now, the auto rotate will be turned off and your iPhone Plus screen will no longer rotate when you turn your device sideways.
  • To turn off the Portrait orientation lock on iPhone, just tap on the lock icon again.

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How to Only Turn off iPhone Split Screen in Landscape Mode:

When turn off this feature, you will still be able to continue using your iPhone in Landscape mode, but there is no longer the Split Screen view. To do that:

  • First, launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  • Next, tap Display & Brightness.
  • Then tap on View under Display Zoom.
  • By default, your iPhone Plus is in the standard mode, which allows your device to switch between portrait and Landscape mode.
  • Here, tap on Zoomed to turn off Landscape mode. Everything on iPhone will display larger and this will prevent the Split Screen from working.
  • Finally, tap on Set at the top right corner. Your iPhone will now restart to apply the change.

Your iPhone Plus will no longer have a split screen when it’s in landscape mode; and all emails, Notes, or other items will cover the whole screen:

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