How to set up and use iCloud Keychain on Mac

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s tool for managing the password. It protects all of your accounts and passwords and keeps them reliable across all of your devices. It can also generate passwords so that you won’t not have to keep coming up with strong passwords. So in this post, we’ll show how to set up and use iCloud Keychain to protect your information on Mac

How to enable iCloud Keychain

Before you can do anything with iCloud Keychain on your Mac, you need first to make sure it’s enabled. Here’s how you can do it

  • First, launch System Preferences either from your dock or clicking the Apple logo and click on  System Preferences and select iCloud
  • Next, click the checkbox next to Keychain .
  • Here, enter your Apple ID password and click OK.
  • Then, enter a 6-digit code to set up iCloud Keychain on another device. Once done, click on Next.
  • Now, re-enter the security code and click on Next.
  • Finally enter a mobile number to receive text messages (SMS). This number will be used to verify your identity whenever you access your keychain.

How to auto-generate passwords using iCloud Keychain

If you get trouble with creating strong passwords for your online accounts or you just find the work boring, let iCloud Keychain do it for you.

  • First, open Safari.
  • Then, access the website where you want to create an online account.
  • Next, click the password.
  • Finally, click the suggested password in the pop-up.

From now, each time you sign into this account on any of your devices enabled the iCloud Keychain, it will also be auto-filled. However, you must ensure that you enable the user names and passwords  on those devices as well.

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Steps to prevent iCloud Keychain from being set up on other devices

If you just want your iCloud Keychain to be active on your Mac, you can easily disable it on your other Apple devices.

  • First, launch System Preferencesand then click System Preferences.
  • Now, click iCloud.
  • Next, click Options next to Keychain on the right.
  • Finally, click on the checkbox next to Allow approving with security code and this will prevent your other devices from accessing the iCloud Keychain.

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