How to Uninstall Beta Software on MacOS and iOS and Switch to Official Version

You have recently installed the latest MacOS (or iOS) beta software on your Mac, but you are not satisfied with it  in the daily usage. So in this post, we’ll show you can easily uninstall Mac OS (or iOS) beta software and switch it to the latest official Mac OS (or iOS) version without losing any data.

Uninstall MacOS Beta Software and Switch to Official Version

Before starting the process, you must opt-out from Apple’s Public Beta Program. The steps to opt out from Mac and iOS devices are quite different, so we will illustrate the procedure for both types of Apple devices.

Steps to Remove Public Beta Program on Mac OS

If you have a Mac with non-beta release of Mac OS X pre-installed, then the process to delete the Public Beta Program is so easier. Just do the following steps:

  1. Launch System Preferences and head to the App Store preferences
  2. Now, take a look at the Change button next to ‘Your computer is set to receive beta software updates’ and click on it.
  3. A new pop-up windows will show up, click on ‘Do not show beta software updates’.
  4. Now, you close the Settings.
  5. You could confirm if the changes have been saved by going to Settings again and checking the same dialogue box.

Those who already have installed a beta version of Mac OS X on your Mac, if you want to roll back to a stable build, you should use Time Machine backup. Once you roll back to the stable Mac OS X build, follow the same steps above.

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Steps to Uninstall iOS Beta Software from iPhone or iPad

  1. Switch off your iOS device first.
  2. Then, connect your device to an USB cable to the PC  while pressing and holding the Home button. Wait until you see the Apple logo on the device’s screen, then release the Home button.
  3. Now launch iTunes window, wait for a while. An message will then pop up saying that your iOS device is in recovery mode.
  4. Finally, select Restore box and wait until your phone restores back to a stable build.

That’s all steps you need to do to switch from Beta Build to Official version on Mac and iOS devices. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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