How to Easily Change iPhone Passcode or Password

With the popularity of iPhone nowadays, many iOS users have to think about protecting their privacy and other data. For the first setting up time, iPhone allows users to create a password in different forms to ensure that there is not unauthorized usage of your device occurring when you are absent.

Sometimes a quick glance from other people, they can know the password of your device. That includs the numerical digit based one or the alpha-numeric passcode for the same. That’s time you should think about changing the password. So we’re here to help you do that on your iPhone so as you are on the safe side ever.

Steps to Change iPhone Passcode / Password

  •  First, you start off by launching the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone
  •  Next, tap on the Touch ID & Passcode option.
  •  Now, a new window will be appear that requests you to enter your current passcode.
  •  Continue entering your current passcode after you’ll be taken to the ‘Change Passcode’ option.
  • Here, enter your ‘Current Passcode’ again before entering the ‘New Passcode/Password’ on the option down.
  •  Finally you have successfully set the ‘New Password/Passcode’ for your iPhone.

After changing your iPhone passcode, the new passcode/password will work with your device and the old one would disappear. Therefore anyone who just knows your old password won’t be able to unlock your iPhone. Your device will stand safe from the breach.

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One thing you should note that you always change your passcode with time to be on the safe side of things. Thanks to plenty of password variants offering on iPhone, you can choose the one as your liking. However, you need to care for these subtle things so that there would not be a thing to worry for you. If you have any question, let’s know your thought in the comment below.

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