How To Fix Apple Watch Get Stuck On Red Lightning Bolt And Time

.The Red Lightning Bolt will display when charging the Apple Watch. Both two systems on the Watch use for the lightning bolt symbol to alert the user to realize the remaining power on the Watch. There are two different cases your Apple Watch shows the red lightning bolt symbol. One is that your device goes into Power Reserve and the other is that your Apple Watch has low/no charge remaining.

If your Apple Watch is only showing a lightning bolt in red and there is no sign of the time, you should charge your device. Before doing that, you need to take off the watch before placing it on the charger.

To charge your Apple Watch, just follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Apple Magnetic Charging Cable, Case or Dock to the power adapter.
  2. Plug the adapter into a power outlet or a USB port.
  3. Now place the charger to the back of the Apple Watch. If it is successful, the charging symbol will appear on the display of the Watch.
  4. Finally, your Watch will begin charging.

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On Apple Watch, there is a feature called Power Reserve mode. It allows the user to see the time on the Watch. When your battery is about 10%, an automatic response will send to you, asking if you want to use the Power Reserve mode. Once the battery on your Watch is too low, it will enter the Power Reserve, and display the Red Lightning Bolt next to the time. However, you need to turn Power Reserve on so that your Watch can enter this mode when battery is low. To do that:

  1. Swipe up on your Apple Watch.
  2. Launch Control Center.
  3. Tap on the battery percentage.
  4. Then take not at Power Reserve and tap on Proceed.

If you follow the above steps, you will be in the Power Reserve.

If you want to turn off Power Reserve, follow these steps

  1. First, hold pressing the side button, keep doing this till you see the Apple Logo.
  2. Wait for your Apple Watch to restart. (If your Watch cannot restart, then you may need to charge it first).

Now you will know why your Apple Watch is showing the Red Lightning Bolt Symbol and have solutions to fix the issue. You can prevent this by usually checking your Apple Watch battery. If you use these above methods, you can know when charging your Apple Watches before running outs and also place it into Power Reserve if the battery is low.

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