How to Fix Missing Installed Apps Won’t Open on iPhone

After upgrading to iOS 10, many iPhone users are suffering from different issues while using apps. The problem happens that some of your installed apps on the home screen are not available to use it on your device. The issue is with the apps update or the change of iOS version. If you have been using a particular app for a long time and your app might cause some issues such as crashing, not opening, or not showing on the home screen after the update. You can solve this problem by using different methods. So if you are in the same situation and want to fix missing the installed apps on your iPhone, you should follow the guide below.

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Solutions to Fix Missing Installed Apps Won’t Open on iPhone

There are some methods available that can solve the issue quickly and easily. You will not need to contact to Apple Support for the fixes of this problem. Simply try one of these following methods to resolve the issue.

  • If you feel it difficult with finding the app on your home screen, you can take advantage of Spotlight search tool for the purpose. Sometimes, your installed apps are hidden due to some reasons so you cannot find them the home screen.
  • Similarly not showing apps on the home screen error, many iPhone users had the issue with updating the app. The App Store will display an app for the update but the App Store will not update any app. You can fix the issue by forcing shut down the App Store.
  • Another solution to get rid of the problem is performing a hard reset. You can do it by holding and pressing power and home button at a same time. Although this is not a 100% fix for this problem, you should also try this quick method.


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