How to Record FaceTime Video Call on iPhone or Mac

Recording FaceTime video calls is quite difficult. However, there is now a helpful trick to help save favorite memories. As you know, FaceTime is great feature exclusive for iPhone users to make video calls. In this post, we’ll show you two ways to record FaceTime video call.

Steps to Record FaceTime Video Call on Mac Using QuickTime

  • First, launch QuickTime from your Mac and then select the File
  • After that, select the ‘New Screen Recording’ option.
  • Here, select the ‘arrow’ next to the record button, then click the internal microphone option.
  • After that, launch the FaceTime on the Mac. There is a record button from the QuickTime screen and then record your whole screen option. If you want to record the FaceTime screen, you click and drag it over to the FaceTime screen.
  • Now, start your video call with the FaceTime app and click the stop recording button on the Menu bar.
  • Then, select the File tab from the Menu bar.
  • Now, enter a name of the recording file in the pop up window and then choose the folder you want to save the file.

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Steps to Record a FaceTime Video call on your iPhone by using Mac

Recording from an iPhone cannot do directly; instead you have to use a Mac to record the FaceTime video. To do this

  • First, you connect your iPhone to the Mac.
  • Launch the QuickTime from the Mac and select the File
  • Now, choose the ‘New Movie Recording’ option and select the ‘arrow’.
  • After that, select iPhone from the cameras list and unlock the iPhone.
  • From your iPhone, tap on the FaceTime app. Once done, start your recording from the Mac by clicking on the record button.
  • Now, click the stop button from the FaceTime app on your iPhone, and from the QuickTime window on Mac after you end the call.
  • Then, select the File tab from the menu bar and then click on Save.
  • Finally, enter a name for the file and save it.

Above are two methods instructing you how to save FaceTime video calls on Mac and iPhone using QuickTime.


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