Best Tweaked Free Music Apps For Non-Jailbreak iPhone

If you love to listen to music many hours in a day, we are sure that none of you uses the old traditional way by downloading and storing MP3 files onto your iDevices. Many of you use at least one or multiple music streaming apps thanks to its useful features. So in this post, we’ll share with you the best tweaked versions of some popular music streaming apps to help maximize the music listening experience. It can be sideloaded on your non-jailbreak iPhone just by using Cydia Impactor.


The first apps in our list is the Spotify++. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service on iOS devices. It provides for you a huge collection of music so that you can easily stream them. There are two different versions: Free and Premium.

The Free version is popularly used by many iOS users as it gives the Shuffle play. However, the Premium variant can do much more as it gives you ad-free experience, unlimited skips, offline listening, play any track and so on. If you don’t have money to purchase the subscription, the tweaked Spotify version can help you to get Spotify Premium for free. You can download the IPA file of Spotify++ from here


Despite losing it first position among the music streaming apps, many users still take advantage of app to bring their music to the world. The SoundCloud++ app will offer downloading unlimited songs from the app directly into your iPhone. In addition, the app also bypasses the geoblocking functionality. You can download the tweaked app from here and then sideload it via Cydia Impactor.


Pandora has now fully evolved to a music streaming app. With the Pandora++, the tweaked version of Pandora, you can get the High Quality stream, No ads, Unlimited download any songs, unlimited skips and especially no 180 minutes timeout. You can download Pandora++ from here.

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Music Pocket

Music Pocket is a great app and even it’s available on the App Store. The app does not include any in-app purchase requirement. There are some impressive features:

  • Background playback, which you can listening to music using other apps)
  • Search for your favorite artists easily
  • Uses less your mobile data

Music Pocket is entirely free to download and use from the Apple Store.

Bobby Music

Similarly Music Pocket, Bobby Music is also available on the App Store that means you can install directly on your iPhone. With the Bobby Music, you can listen to the hottest songs on the Billboard charts. However, the ads sometimes make you annoyed, though it can be easily managed.

Above are five best music apps in our opinion to help you get the best music experience on your iPhone/iPod. If you find other better apps, let share with us in the comment below.

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