How To Create A Partition On Your Mac

You want to partition your Mac’s hard drive for running an independent operating system in tandem with your current one; you can now do it easily with the help of an Apple’s built-in disk utility program. In this post, we ‘ll show you the easy steps to partition your Mac.

Steps to Create a partition on your Mac

However, before proceeding to, you should note that partitioning your Mac means splitting your hard drive into separate and usable systems. Once partitioned, your Mac can run two separate operating systems, like Windows and macOS, or dual macOS High Sierra.

Moreover, partitioning your hard drive also splits up your hard drive space. Each partition will take up a percentage of your usable storage. So, if the storage capacity on your hard drive gets slow, we recommend you to use an external drive instead.

Another most important thing before making changes to your hard drive is making a backup. To do this, you can take advantage of Time Machine to back up your data if you don’t have another system in place. The last one you should note is that ensure you have enough free disk space at least 30GB to properly run a secondary operating system.

Now, let take steps to create a partition on your Mac

  1. First, launch Finder from your dock.
  2. Then, select Applications.
  3. Next, scroll down and open the Utilities
  4. Now, double-click on Disk Utility.
  5. Choose your hard drive in the Disk Utility window. It is the first drive on the list, which might be named “Fusion,” or “Macintosh HD.”
  6. Now click on the Partition
  7. Next, click the plus (+)
  8. Change the size by dragging the resize controls. The used will display in blue color.
  9. Name for your new partition.
  10. Finally click Apply.

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Disk Utility will then check the disk and make the changes. This process will take about 10 minutes. Once done, you now have a new partition to install a second operating system on your Mac.

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