How To Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error

When installing a third party app or game on your iPhone or iPad, you will see an error saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. That means you cannot use the installed app on your iPhone. The reason comes from the security of your iPhone as many apps and games are not available on the App store. There are different methods to install games and apps on iPhone/iPad, but the issue is an unknown source.

After installing an app or game from an unknown source, your device will not be able to recognize it because it only open apps downloaded from the App store. Because all unknown apps are not safe, secure, so Apple has blocked all them. However, if you have already installed an app from an unknown source and seen this error message when launching it, you should not worry about it. You simply trust the app to use it without any issue. However, you should keep in mind that if you install an unknown source app, Apple will not take the responsibility in case some things happen. In this post,  we will share with you how to fix untrusted enterprise developer error on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 10.

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Steps to Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error on iOS 10

The process is easy to understand, so you just follow the process below and make the untrusted enterprise developer error message disappear.

  • First, launch the Settings app and tap on the General option.
  • Now locate and select Profiles & Device Management
  • There will appear an option called Enterprise App here.
  • Now, tap on the profile of that app and tap on the Trust
  • Your app is now trusted and you can easily use it.

After trusting it, the “untrusted enterprise developer” error message will no longer appear on your iPhone. The apps installed on your iPhone have already got the certification for the proper use. If you don’t tap the trust option under your apps or games, their’s certificate will expire. That time you can try another version of that app.


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