Steps to Activate Verizon iPhone

If you have recently purchased a new iPhone from Verizon carrier or simply you wantto move your number from to another place, you will have to activate your iPhone. There are a lot of available methods to activate a Verizon iPhone. You can use the Verizon mobile code, use the previous code provided by Verizon, or purchase a new network number from Verizon to activate your device. In this post, we’ll show you two common ways to activate your Verizon iPhone through online and the dial code.

Activate Verizon iPhone Online

Many of you usually choose activating Verizon iPhone with the help of a third party service provider. However, you can also activate iPhone from its phone network yourself. It’s an online method. Here, the Verizon Wireless will assign the number to your iPhone. Here are steps

  1. First, launch any web browser and visit Verizon website. You will then choose My Verizon Online.
  2. Now log in your Verizon account if you already have one
  3. If you don’t have an account yet, create a new one from the website.
  4. Here take a look at the Activate or Switch Device Now select the iPhone model in the list and fill the New Device ID box with the identification number.
  5. Once you put the Identification number in the online box, and Verizon will then assign the number to your iPhone.
  6. You iPhone is now activated, and you can use your iPhone without any issue.

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Activate Verizon iPhone by Dialing *228

In case you want to activate your Verizon iPhone with an existing Verizon account, you can still do this easily. All you need is dialing *228 from your iPhone dialer and do the following instructions:

However, first you should create a backup of the contacts so that you will be able to get your contacts on your new iPhone without any problems. After that, you can use iTunes, Google Contacts, iCloud or some other apps to transfer contacts to your iPhone’s contacts

  1. After making a backup, turn off your old iPhone.
  1. Now turn on your new iPhone and dial *228 in the phone dialer.
  2. There will be a confirmation message on the screen.
  3. Now launch any Backup Assistant tool on your new iPhone to restore your data from your previous iPhone.
  4. You have now successfully activated your Verizon number on your new iPhone.

You can now use your iPhone without having any issues. But you should also care about the network identification numbers while activating your new Verizon iPhone.

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