How To Remove Jailbreak On Your iPhone/iPad

The jailbreak allows you to break the prison of the stock iOS version on your iPhone/iPad. You will no longer be limited by the system on your non-jailbreak device. Although the regular of these apps and games can be downloaded from App Store, the advanced versions only appear on jailbroken devices. You can  easily install any version of such apps on your iPhone with the help of jailbreak feature. However, jailbreak also causes a lot of risks such as it’s highly possible that the data on your iPhone/iPad is stolen or your device voids the warranty. That time you should think about removing the jailbreak, but you don’t know how to remove jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad. So, here is easy step-by-step guide to help you unjailbreak your phone.

Steps To Remove Jailbreak On iPhone

The process is simple and just takes a few minutes. All you need to prepare is a Mac or a Windows computer. After that, make sure the latest iTunes version installed on your computer. Here is how to remove jailbreak from your iPhone.

  1. First, connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of a USB cable and launch iTunes.
  2. Click on Trust after connecting your device to the computer.
  3. On the iTunes screen, click on your device located near the top left corner.
  4. After clicking on it, iTunes will show you all information about your iPhone.
  5. Now, click on Summary tab on the left to display the details of your iPhone.
  6. Next scroll down and click on the Restore Backup
  7. Remember to back up your data while connecting your iPhone/iPad to the iTunes.
  8. After selecting the Restore Backup option, your device will now reboot, and it will restore to its factory state.

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Wait for about 10-15 minutes. Once booted up, you’ll see the Cydia icon disappear, which means the jailbreak has already been removed from your iPhone/iPad. Finally, one thing you should note that before performing the process, you have to disable the Find My iPhone feature first.

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