5 iPhone X’s Features To Appear On Future Phones Soon

Besides the new design for the 10-year anniversary, iPhone X also comes with breakthrough technology and features. By the virtue of the new iPhone, these things will be finding their way into the wider smartphone market.  Here are 5 new features on iPhone X that we think other smartphone manufactures will bring them onto its smartphones in the future.

Face ID

With removing Touch ID, Apple has taken a radical new direction for the iPhone X. The fingerprint sensor has been developed for four years, which Apple claimed it to be the safest guard to against the unauthorized accesses. The technology then became widely to be accepted and we hope it will be the same for facial recognition. Although it’s been for a while on Android and Windows phone platform, we hope that Apple will deliver a better performance. It will be great to see how well the system recognizes faces in dark lighting.

Wireless charging

Apple has been famous for preferring its own proprietary technologies to the recognized standards. However, the iPhone still lacks the wireless charging feature. But with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, thing is now different with the support of the Qi wireless charging standard. The new iPhone is expected to boost Qi and make it general. Qi was first announced in 2012, but other manufacturers with their Galaxy S3, the Nokia Lumia 920 or Google Nexus 4 couldn’t get the success.

Bezel-less displays

The iPhone X comes with the coveted ‘bezel-less display’ like the Galaxy S8, LG V30 or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. So we can expect to see a movement among manufacturers to increase the display surface area in their phones to fit with phone size. For example, the bezel-less trend torch is already taken up by Wiko. At IFA this year, this manufacture introduced the Wiko View smartphone with the thin bezels.

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Augmented Reality

AR, VR and Mixed Reality received a lot of attentions at the IFA, but against expectations, Apple hasn’t introduced its own AR or VR, Instead the California company devoted to the software side of things with ARKit. At the iPhone’s launch event, Apple showed various scenarios where they used iPhone X for AR and other applications. This will shake the industry, and many manufacturers will start bringing this new virtual assistant onto their phones


“Animated emoji”, also Animoji  is a new feature on iPhone X. iPhone X can take advantage of the front camera to superimpose your facial expressions onto an animated symbol. Android manufacturers will also want this feature, so we’ll be able to see Animojis soon on Android phones as well as other third party apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.


What do you think? Will these features appear on the future smartphones? Let’s know in the comment below.

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