How to Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply on iPhone

Although there are a number of updates from WhatsApp coming with many features, the most expectable feature that is auto-reply message has not yet to appear. You are still not able to send out automated replies for the incoming WhatsApp messages. However, things can be changed if you have your iPhone jailbroken. In this post, we’ll show how to enable WhatsApp auto-reply on the iPhone.

How To Use WAAutoReply For WhatsApp On iPhone

For iOS users, if you want to send the automated messages on your WhatsApp app, then WAAutoReply is the best choice.

However, not all iOS users will be able to get it since this tweak is only for jailbroken devices. Saying in other words, you will need the help of Cydia to install the package.

Here is how you can install the tweak. Let’s proceed.

  1. Launch your Cydia app from your screen
  2. Make sure you have reloaded BigBoss repo fully.
  3. Search and purchase the tweak called WAAutoReply (it costs $5)
  4. Now install it and then Respring

After you install the tweak on your iOS device, you can configure it directly inside the WhatsApp app.

Here are some valuable features of this tweak:

  • The ability to auto reply WhatsApp messages (primary feature)
  • Reply will continue to work if your WhatsApp is running in the background or even being forced close

Another cool fact you should know that this Cydia tweak is compatible with iOS 8, 9, and 10 version.

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Automatically reply to WhatsApp Message for Android platform

WhatsApp is a very popular message app on a lot of platforms, if you are an Android user, here is a list of apps from the Play Store with the same functions.

The non-jailbroken users are left out of this but we will find a solution for you guys soon.

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