How To Change AirPods Shortcuts

Although AirPods are the great devices, Apple limited their usability when you perform different functions on your iPhone. You can only activate Siri or Play and Pause media by double tapping the right or left AirPod. But if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 11, there is an added functionality for AirPods. There are now more diversified controls on both the left and right sides AirPods. In this post, we will show you how to change AirPods shortcuts in order to use them like a pro.

How To Change Apple AirPods Shortcuts

We now look at how you can apply specific controls to change AirPods shortcuts.

Double tap Shortcut Functions on AirPods

iOS 11 allows iOS users to set shortcuts through AirPods for each of these functions:

  • Siri
  • Play/Pause
  • Next Track
  • Previous Track
  • Off

Steps To Change AirPods Shortcuts For Double Tap

  1. First, you need to make sure that the AirPods are connected to your iPhone. Once they successfully connected to your phone, you will hear an affirmative chime.
  2. After the connection is successful, go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on the encircled ‘(i)’ icon next to AirPods.
  3. You will be taken to a new menu. Here, choose the function you want the double tap operation in order to individually perform for both the right and left AirPods. For example, you can set the Right AirPod to activate Play/Pause and the Left AirPod for Siri. Once done, tap on ‘Back’ button to return.
  4. After you have set the functions that you want, just tap on ‘Back’ and that’s all you should do! You can find a combination that you feel the most natural and suits your style.

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This could be the first beginning of Apple in an effort to make the AirPods more functional and more useful for users. We hope that you can make more gestures and provide more functionality with your AirPods.

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