5 Things You Should First Do On A New iPhone X

The most expectable iPhone X has officially hit the Apple Store with the pricing of $1000 for the lowest version. If you are a lucky person to get the iPhone X, here are 5things you should do first on your iPhone X.

5 Things To Do On IPhone X
Set Up Face ID

The iPhone X comes with the new interesting FaceID feature, biometric is a great way to secure your phone. All you need to do is go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up Face ID and Get Started. Simply hold your iPhone X 15 to 20 inches far from your face. After you have successfully set up FaceID, you can use it for several things, not only unlocking your phone. You can also make purchases in App Store, Apple Pay and more.

Pair Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, pairing it with your new iPhone X is necessary. But before getting started, you have to un-pair the watch from your old iPhone. It can easily be done right from the Apple Watch or your old iPhone.

  • To un-pair from Apple Watch : go to Settings > General > Reset
  • To Un-pair from old iPhone: open Watch app > tap on the ‘i’ icon > choose Unpair Apple Watch. You will be asked for your iCloud password, just tap it in to finish the process.

Now, you simply pair your Apple Watch with the new iPhone X. Open the Apple Watch app and then follow the on-screen instructions. You will also be prompted to set a passcode, and Apple Pay. Don’t forget to update your Apple Watch to the WatchOS 4 to get the best features.

Send Animoji To Your Friends

You can find the animojis in the Messages of the iMessage app below the screen. Simply tap on your favorite emoji logo and keep your face within the frame. The animojis can be sent to anyone that is using smartphone, not only iPhone users. You should try this cool feature as soon as you get the new iPhone X.

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Take A Selfie

It’s pity if you don’t try the camera of iPhone X for the first things. It comes with the cool features hidden in a 7MP front and 12MP rear camera. The coolest feature of the iPhone X’s camera is the portrait mode. This mode takes advantages of AI to decide which parts need to be focused on. Along with this mode, it is the Portrait Lighting offering 4 different preset filters that can change the lighting and color of your shot. So, you won’t have to edit anything if you use this mode.

Quick Start Feature

One of the impressive things on iPhone X is using the Quick Start feature on iOS 11. You just hold your old iPhone near your iPhone X and there will be a card coming up on the screen that asks you if you want to transfer all your data to your new phone. If yes, point the camera of your old iPhone to the new iPhone X’s camera. After that, enter 6 digit passcode that you used on your old iPhone.

You will then be taken through the process and all the set up that on your old iPhone will brought to the new iPhone X. From your app arrangement on Home screen to other Settings will be set up the same in few minutes. But you should remember to back up your old phone and you should also have upgraded your to iOS 11 to use this convenient feature.

These are five things you should do first with your iPhone X. If you like this post, let’s know in the comment below.


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