Methods To Fix iCloud Photo Sharing Not Working

From iOS 8, Apple has added a new feature, called iCloud Photo Sharing to help you share content with your family and friends without any trouble. So if you’re having iOS device running from iOS 8, you can always access this feature. But there are also other platforms allowing photo sharing, so once you enable this feature, you might face some issues as well. So in this post, we’ll discuss how you can fix iCloud Photo Sharing not working on your iOS device running iOS 11 or iOS 10.

How To Fix iCloud Photo Sharing Not Working

First of all, you should recheck if you have already turned on the iCloud Photo Sharing. To do so,

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Choose the Apps Using iCloud section and tap on Photos.
  • If you are not using the iCloud Photo feature, it will say Off.
  • Move to Apps Using iCloud section, and tap Photos.
  • As you are not using any of the iCloud photo feature, it will display Off.
  • In the Photos Menu, check if the iCloud Photo Sharing feature is On.

Note: You can also use the iCloud Photo Sharing free package without turning on iCloud Photo Library.

Once you re check to turn on iCloud Photo Sharing feature, you might face issues with shared albums, videos and more. So, you should follow the possible fixes:

Use iCloud Photo Sharing to Share Photos with Friends/ Family

Before starting, you should check that both you and your friends have already enabled the iCloud Photo Sharing feature.

  • Go to Settings > iCloud  to enable iCloud Photo Sharing feature.
  • Then move to Photos App and tap on Shared.
  • Tap ‘+’ icon in the Shared Albums.
  • Name for the album and tap Next.
  • Choose friends/family members you want the album to share with.
  • Now drop photos in the shared folder among your friends/ family members

How to Back Up a Shared Album

The shared album you have created is not able to automatically backed up. So if you want to this, you need to save the photos from the album to your own photo library, then back them up.

  • Choose the photos you want to save from the shared album.
  • Tap the ‘share icon, it is the icon with an upward arrow inside a box’ and save the image.

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Steps to Re-invite people to a Shared Album

Although you have sent the invitation to your family members and friends, someone might accidentally decline the invitation. You can easily add them into the shared album by following steps:

  • Launch Photos app
  • Tap on the Shared > Sharing.
  • Choose the shared album and move to People
  • Select the person you want to add.
  • Tap on Resend Invitation.

But, in case you are not able to re-send invite, it seems that iCloud Photo Sharing is not working. That time you just remove them from the shared album and then invite them again.

These are possible solutions to help you to fix the iCloud Photo Sharing not working issues. Let’s know in the comments if you have faced other issues from iCloud Photo Sharing.

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