How To Fix Your iPhone X Won’t Turn On

You have just purchased a new iPhone X yourself, but you notice that your iPhone X does not turn on, don’t be panic. You will usually perform a sudden restart with your new iPhone, but we advise you to read this post first. After that, you can make your iPhone X turn on.

How to Turn on iPhone X

First, you should try press and hold the side button on your iPhone X until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Now, release your iPhone X temporarily, and wait for a second. The Hello screen will now show up and you can set up your new iPhone X.

Black Screen- iPhone X Won’t Turn On

  • The black screen appears after charging your iPhone X.
  • iPhone X vibrates and produces sound, but there is the only black screen.
  • The display is working well but the touch and gesture are unresponsive.
  • Power and Volume buttons are not responding.
  • iTunes does not recognize the iPhone X

Methods to Fix iPhone X Does Not Turn On

Force Restart iPhone X

This is a quick and simple way to fix the iPhone X won’t turn on issue, follow the steps below to perform a force restart:

  1. Press Volume Up button and then quickly go of it.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Finally, keep pressing the Power button and go of it until you see the Apple logo.

Check the Charge on iPhone X

As usual, the new iPhone X has only a little battery saved for the setup. Whereas, charging your iPhone X looks out for these displays. If you see the cable display under the battery icon on the screen, check if it comes with a secure connection and is not disconnected from the power adapter. However, if you only see the battery icon on the screen, it means your phone is charging.

Backup & Restore

You should back up all your iPhone data on your computer or Cloud and then restore your device as well as re-install everything. It’s a good way to fix the internal bugs or issues.

iPhone X Gets Frozen On Start Up

If your iPhone X gets frozen during the startup process, you’d better connect your iPhone X to your computer. Next, launch iTunes and if it does not detect your device, make a force restart. It will open your iPhone X in recovery mode, and here you can choose the option to update or restore it.

If you choose the update, iTunes will re-install all the iOS apps without deleting them.

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Check with the Apple Support

If your iPhone X is facing with software issues, then you should get a replacement from the Apple store. But, if your iPhone X has suffered any physical hardware damage, then it will pay a fee to get it fixed.

Use Official Charger and Kit

Sometimes, if you’re not using the official charger, your iPhone X won’t also turn on. So you should check both the cable and the power adapter. And if you use a third-party charger, replace it with an original one.

We hope that these aforementioned solutions can help you fix your iPhone X won’t turn on issue. Let’s know in the comment.

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