Top Five Ad Blocker Apps for iPhone/iPad

Apple has been releasing new features in each their products. However, besides the cool features, iOS users also suffer from the ads while using an online service. Before iOS 9 version, there was nearly no way to get rid of these annoying ads. But Apple released ad blocking service from iOS 9 and the iOS 11 now comes with a better ad blocking service. You can now block ads and even the online trackers that require your location on the internet. In this post, we will share you top five ad blocker apps for your iOS device.

  1. AdBlock

The first one in the list is AdBlock. It is a great ad blocking app for your iPhone/iPad and it’s also one of the most popular ads blocking apps on the App Store. There is a range features for you to enjoy in a very cheap package. You can buy this app for just $1.99 from App Store. AdBlock provides you unlimited ad blocking services.

AdBlock will disable the online trackers that require your location to target ads to you. Furthermore, all the online remote services that could cause some online interactions with your iDevice will be also disabled. You can get the app and enjoy an ad-free environment from App Store.

Download AdBlock

  1. AdGuard – AdBlock and Privacy Protection

Although AdGuard is a simple app for your iOS device, it’s effective. Especially, it’s free for the download from the App Store. It can block ads and the trackers in the Safari. In case you want to block ads from the entire iOS, you need to pay money for Pro version.

While the free version only blocks Safari ads, the Pro version can block any type of ads on your device. So, if you want to experience an unlimited use of ad blocker, install AdGuard right now.

Download AdGuard

  1. Crystal – Block Unwanted Ads

Another excellent ad blocking app for iPhone/ iPad is Crystal. It might be the best ad blocking app as it always updates the databases on a regular basis. All the ad blocking apps usually update their databases to make sure a better user experience for users, but Crystal is different, as it’s known for its regular update services, a user-friendly interface and easy to use.

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It not only blocks the ads and trackers on your device, but it will also protect your phone while surfing on any web browser. You can grab the app for only $0.99.

Download Crystal

  1. App Ad Blocker – Block Ads in Apps


This app is designed for blocking advertisement and tracking all apps. App Ad Blocker can also block ads in your daily apps, reduce the data consumption, as well as protect your personal information by blocking all the network activities. You can download the app from App Store for the price of $0.99.

Download App Ad Blocker

  1. 1Blocker – Powerful and Fast Ad Blocker

1Blocker is one of the most powerful and fastest ad blocker apps, which are currently used by over one million people. It is essential for those who are using Safari browser.

1Blocker app is not possible to see the sites you visit as it is a native Safari content blocker, not an independent VPN server. This app will block the annoying ads, save your data and time, as well as protects you online.

Download 1Blocker

These are the best ad blocker apps for your iPhone/iPad. Leave your comments in the section below.

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