How to check iPhone battery health

Surrounding Apple’s deliberate CPU throttling on iPhone models such as 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus with the degraded batteries, there are more comments and feedback talking about battery health and how to check the battery health status on your iPhone after updating to the newer version.

So, in this post, we’ll share with you the different ways to check the battery capacity on your iOS device.

First of all, you shouldn’t waste time for searching and installing the third-party apps from the App Store, which is claimed to detail your battery information. After the release of iOS 10 version, Apple has officially limited the access to battery details for the third-party apps from the App Store, so almost of them become completely useless.

How to check battery settings on your iOS devices

The quickest way to take a look at the battery health is directly heading to Settings > Battery on your phone. Although you won’t get any specific details, it will warn you if it’s time for your battery to be serviced. If you don’t see anything, your battery is fine.

Check battery health through Console app

You can also get more details about the battery health status of your iPhone/iPad using the Console app that is already pre-installed on all Mac devices.


All you need is launching Console, plug your iPhone into your Mac with the help of the Lightning cable, and then type in batteryhealth in the search field. If it does not show the result, unlock your iPhone first.

From there, you will get the details about the status of your battery. We also get more details, such as the current battery level, the power source used, and many more. If you see your battery is in “good” condition, you don’t have to worry about your phone’s battery.

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Check more battery health details using coconutBattery

Those who want to have a little more granular about the status of your battery, the free coconutBattery app is a great choice for you. Although it only supports for Macs, the coconutBattery app can provide the detailed information about the battery of your iOS devices.


After opening the app, connect your iPhone to the computer via the Lightning cable, the app will then display the useful details about your device’s battery, such as its full charge capacity, cycle count, and others.

But it seems that the app only works for a device that has never been restored. You will have a good look at the health of your iPhone.

The standard of battery tests

The best way for you to accurately check the status of your battery is contacting to Apple to get a diagnostic directly on your device. You can do this by making an appointment at an Apple Store, or by contacting with Apple’s online Support.

After your agreement, they remotely run a diagnostic on your device and you will get a clear picture of your battery status. It might be the best way to know what is happening with your battery if it has the issues.

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