iPhone X’s Pros And Cons

iPhone X is the most expectable releases this year. It has now been just for three months since Apple first introduced the product. Although the iPhone X comes with several features, is it really worth buying? So in this post, let’s take an overall look at some of the pros and cons of iPhone X so that you make a decision to buy it or not.

iPhone X’s Pros


iPhone X is the first smartphone Apple use Face ID for the security feature. The device uses the TrueDepth camera to detect your face and then unlock your phone. You simply hold your phone up to your face and swipe up the screen to unlock. You can also use Face ID to purchase apps in the App Store. This biometric feature does not care if it’s light or dark and you can unlock your iPhone X with ease. With the new FaceID, you won’t have to worry about your wet fingers as the previous models.

Dual Camera

The dual camera on iPhone X works excellently. The sensors are very fast and offer a more true-to-life colors. You will also receive the optical image stabilization with the telephoto lens, so taking excellent quality pictures and videos in low condition is not difficult. Furthermore, the portraits will look more natural and the zoomed pictures retain the regular pictures.

OLED Display

iPhone X features a 5.8- inch Super Retina display that is quite realistic. The OLED panel not only brings the wider viewing angles but also comes with a brighter̉ panel. The iPhone X OLED display on iPhone X also supports HDR content.


The Animoji feature takes advantage of the TrueDept camera, which allows you to change your face into different characters such as alien, monkey, panda, and more. The Animoji will scan and mimic all your expressions and let you record them using your voice. After that, you can send it through messages to other smartphone users.

Portrait Mode

The TrueDepth feature of the front camera allows you to capture the beautiful bokeh effect while you take a portrait. No matter do you use the front or the back camera for the shots; you can easily apply Portrait Lighting effects. There will be different types of light for you to choose from such as Studio Light, Contour Light, etc. This is a brilliant feature that the selfie lovers will absolutely fall in love with iPhone X.

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Cons Of IPhone X

Although iPhone X is an excellent smartphone, there are still a couple of drawbacks.


The biggest con of iPhone X comes from its expensive price. Cost $999, it is one of the most expensive smartphones this year. If you choose 256GB variant, the price is even higher.

iPhone 8 Plus- A Better Choice

iPhone 8 is $200 cheaper over the iPhone X, but it comes with the same specifications. If you want to save $200, iPhone 8 Plus is a great alternative for the iPhone X.

Remove Home Button

iOS users who are getting used to using the Home button, the iPhone X is somewhat problematic. You will have to swipe down from the top if you want to view the control center and swipe up from the bottom to return to the Home screen. Closing the app now has to do in a different way and the process to power off the iPhone X is not also an exception.

That’s the list of pros and cons of the new iPhone X. You can refer the above details to decide if you purchase an iPhone X or not.

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