How to Save Instagram Stories on iPhone and Android

There is no doubt, as Instagram is one of the best photo and video sharing apps online. If you are using Instagram, uploading stories on Instagram is the fastest way to share moments in your day with other people. Everyone has a tendency to save Instagram stories of their beloved ones.

With the popularity of Instagram, it now supports for mobile, desktop, and any browser so that users can share their moments. Among them, Android and iPhone are the devices thay people use most to upload and save Instagram stories. Furthermore, if you want your favorite Instagram stories on your device for reading later, then you can easily download/save Instagram stories on your Android and iPhone device by following these simple steps in the below tutorial.

Steps to save Instagram stories on Android

  1. First, launch Play Store app on your home screen
  2. Now, in the search box, type in “Story Saver” and look for it
  3. Note “Story Saver for Instagram” app and then install it
  4. Once done, sign in your Instagram account from “Story Saver for Instagram” app.
  5. Search for any your favorite Instagram username using the search box.
  6. Tap on the displayed story and you will see three options, including Share, Repost and Save.
  7. Simply tap on “Save” and it will then download the story to your gallery.


That’s all! You have successfully saved the Instagram story on your Android phone. The Instagram story of your crush, celebrities, or a slow-motion video, all of them can easily be saved by using the above steps.

If you are using an iOS device, now let’s check how you can do it on your iPhone and iPad. For iOS, it is a little harder to get an Instagram story downloader on iPhone. You can still easily download or save Instagram stories on your iPhone/iPad. The most exciting moments of your beloved person can now be saved on your iPhone storage.

Instagram story usually disappears in 24 hours, but you won’t have to burn your happiness. You can easily save Instagram stories on your iPhone and go through them whenever you want.

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Steps to save Instagram stories on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch AppStore app on iPhone/iPad
  2. Move to tap Search section.
  3. Now, search for the InstaStories Viewer app and then tap the Arrow button to install it.
  4. Once done, open “InstaStories” app and sign in your Instagram account.
  5. Now, view your friends Instagram stories directly or search for the Instagram username in the search box.
  6. By tapping on the profile icon or image, you will open the story.
  7. Tap the Download icon and the story will be saved to Photos/ Gallery

That’s all you need to do. Saving Instagram story on your iPhone is now easier with InstaStory. Also, you can search for the popular celebrities Instagram names and save their stories. If you know other apps to save Instagram stories on your device, let’s know in the comment below.

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