How to Setup VPN on Apple TV

Apple TV is a very great choice if you want to stream content on your TV. But it’s not an ideal device to download and install the new applications. One of them includes the preferred VPN apps. However, you should not worry as there are multiple ways to setup VPN on your Apple TV.

Here are  two common methods to setup VPN on an Apple TV:

  • Install VPN on Router.
  • Install VPN on a computer and use its Hotspot.
How to Setup VPN Using Router on Apple TV

This method is applied to your router, it works well. It not just sets a VPN for Apple TV but it also sets up VPN on the connected device through both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. So if you’re looking for a quick method to setup VPN on Apple TV, read the below steps.

  1. Check Router’s Firmware

First, make sure that the current router has the firmware running, DD-WRT and Tomato. Most of the VPN software can work with this firmware. So if you are using IPVanish VPN, it can also work on both the firmware. First, you install the VPN before getting started to speed up the process.

Here is a list of DD-WRT compatible routers (from this list) for you to check.

  1. Install the IPVanish on Router
  • Next, go to iPVanish page to launch PPTP or open VPN, then proceed to your router’s admin page to run the DD-WRT.
  • Choose Services and type in the credentials. From there, click on Enable and save it next to System Log. Return to the top page, and select the VPN tab > enable OpenVPN Client.
  • Now, you have to update Server IP/Name and type in the IPVanish host. You can check the IPVanish Server hostname from the list.
  • Add the following Config :


keysize 256

tls-remote [IPVanish hostname**]

auth-user-pass /tmp/auth.conf

script-security 3 system

  • Take look at CA Cert section, enter the following text from this link by copying and then pasting it. Save everything and move to Security tab.
  • From there, under Log Management > Enable Log, set the Log Level to ‘High’.
  • Choose Command under the Administration tab, and enter the following line in Command Shell. The Username and Password is also your IPVanish Username and Password.


touch /tmp/auth.conf

echo “[YOUR USER NAME*]” > /tmp/auth.conf

echo “[YOUR PASSWORD**]” >> /tmp/auth.conf

Select Save Startup, and the information will be displayed in Startup box. After that, reboot your router from Management tab.

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How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot to Setup VPN on Apple TV

Another way you can do is downloading and installing the IPVanish software, and then create an IPVanish account and then connect the computer to the internet. Before turning on your Hotspot, check if the VPN is working.

For Windows:

  • Launch Hotspot settings from Windows and select Change mobile hotspot settings.
  • Under Share my Internet Connection section, choose Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Simply enable it and your Wi-Fi Hotspot is now ready.

For Macs:

  • Go to System Preference and choose Sharing under Internet and Wireless.
  • Now, find and select AirPort option
  • From the list, choose Internet Sharing on the left and click on Start.

That’s all! You can now share your Internet through your System and connect to your Apple TV.


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